If you’re a professional who deals in automotive security, particularly in bespoke security solutions, and looking for a top-quality, reliable, unique, and highly customisable product to offer your customers, you might be interested in partnering with us.

StarLine vehicle security products are highly advanced and therefore require a certain degree of technical knowledge and skill to work with, hence – they can only be handled by suitably qualified technicians.

Our products cannot be sold for DIY installation and can only be obtained through – and installed by – authorised dealers in the UK, who hold a current Partner ID and are listed on our official website

We are always on a lookout for new Partners to join our network of StarLine-approved dealers in the United Kingdom.

We are open to working with independent mobile fitters, workshops, dealer centres, used vehicle dealerships, and any other business entity deemed suitable to distribute our products and represent our brand.

Origins of the Partner Programme

The StarLine Partner approval programme for UK Partners is based on the original Partner approval programme developed by the manufacturer, and used in its native Russia as well as the CIS countries. The programme was modified and adapted for the United Kingdom to account for various geographical differences.

Purpose of the Partner Programme

Since StarLine products are not sold for DIY installation, there is a dealer network through which customers can obtain them – supplied and fitted. The Company mandates that, in order to uphold its stance on quality, its products are to be handled exclusively by reputable and suitably qualified Partners.

The Partner Programme is in place to ensure that Partners:

Authorisation Process

For standard Partners, in order to receive a Partner ID and be officially authorised to offer StarLine products in the UK, you must complete only the steps marked as mandatory.

But those, who would like to be listed as a Certified Partner on the StarLine UK dealers map, must complete all the steps of the Partner authorisation process, as described below.

Steps marked with an aesterisk (*) are mandatory for receiving a StarLine Partner ID.

Partner ID

Once you have successfully completed the mandatory steps of the authorisation process, you will be given a Partner ID and listed as an approved Partner on our official website.

At this point, you are officially authorised to offer StarLine products to the end-user.

Further Certification



If, in addition to your Partner ID, you would like to obtain the status of a StarLine Certified Partner and be listed as such on our dealer’s map, as well as be given access to advanced settings within StarLine Master, please look into completing all the steps as described above.

Once you have completed the steps required for certifications, you will receive your StarLine Partner certificate. The certificate is issued for 1 year, after which it needs to be extended. The certificate can be desplayed in digital or physical formats on your website / social media, and, if applicable, physical premises.