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Your StarLine Partner ID is:

You are an approved Partner for StarLine Systems UK Ltd., officially authorised to represent our brand and distribute our products on the supplied and fitted basis in the United Kingdom.

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You have not fully completed the StarLine Certification programme.

This is optional, but highly recommended 🙂

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Here is your current progress with the StarLine Partner certification programme:

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Overview of Your Progress

These are the steps of the StarLine Partner Authorisation / Certification Programme you’ve completer or are yet to complete.

Those marked green have been successfully completed.

Those marked yellow have not yet been completed or are pending review.

Those marked red were completed unsuccessfully (in case of the latter there will be an explanation note).

Those marked grey are not applicable.

Those marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory for receiving a StarLine Partner ID.

If you believe that your current status is displayed incorrectly, please get in touch with us.

If you have already completed the full certification process and are awaiting certification, please go to the confirmation page.